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Classic Floor Model

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This is our Best Selling Floor Model, fits most pilots needs. These are top-quality stands, made with Baltic Birch plywood and quality hardware parts. Works well for medium (10 cc) to large (120 cc) RC planes. Fully adjustable angles and heights, The adjustable arms and slings conform to different body widths and shapes. The top of the arms has Velcro with a Velcro one-wrap strap over them so you can adjust them as you move the arms in and out for a snug fit to your fuselage. We now offer a Narrow Arm exchange at checkout for pilots that fly Pattern or Sail planes with narrow fuselages'. You can also purchase both styles if needed. Details Here.

This unit is sanded and unfinished, This allows you to choose how to finish your stand or none at all.

For more details, check out my Assembly Videos or download this step by step PDF Assembly Manual for my Floor Stand Model.


Collapsed stand measurements Length 34" Width 24" Height 12" (collapsed) to 36" (extended)  

  •  Arms adjust for a 4" to 15" wide fuselage. (down to a 1/2" if you purchase the Narrow Arms and reverse them) 
  • The length of the fuselage can be from 20" up to 84" 
  • It weights 20lbs without wheels, 23lbs with wheels, and 27lbs with wheels and tool-tray. 
  • Holds up to 60lb aircraft. For heavier planes (over 35lbs.) we suggest you purchase our Lever Handles so you can really crank the main rails tight to avoid slipping. 
  • Removable legs for easy transport. 
  • Available with 3" rubber wheels for stability in rough terrain.
  • Unfinished - Add your own finish, purchase a finish, or leave it bare.
  • Optional Tool Tray available


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