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About Us


Being an enthusiast of RC planes myself, I began creating stands out of necessity since I couldn't find any existing options that truly satisfied me. As a hobby, I started woodworking in my garage and developed what I believe to be a truly unique RC Plane Stand. Unlike the stands relying on a thin strip of foam tape, mine cradles the fuselage perfectly. When I brought my newly designed Bench-top workstation/stand to the field, it caught everyone's attention, and they all wanted one. Initially, I wasn't very interested because I already had a job and making them required a lot of effort. However, after some consideration, I agreed and made a few for the guys. I refined the process and even placed a Facebook ad, which resulted in successful sales all across the country. People seem to adore them.

On February 20th, 2021, I came across a stand made by an older gentleman who was selling them on I reached out to him but received a response from his wife, stating that he had retired and was no longer producing them. Inspired by his basic design, I decided to create my own version. I made some improvements and incorporated my sling idea. When I showcased it at the field, the guys were immediately interested, so I started selling this new stand as well, calling it the Floor Model. If any part of these stands happens to break, please feel free to contact me. I can create a replacement piece for you, and you can easily purchase any necessary hardware on Amazon.


Glen Hackler

Owner of RC Plane Stands
glen hackler

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