About Us


As an RC Plane enthusiast myself, I started making these stands out of necessity, I just couldn't find anything out there that I really liked. As a hobby, I started doing woodworking out of my garage and so I created what I think is a very unique RC Plane Stand because it craddles the fuselage and doesn't rely on a thin strip of foam tape to place it on. Those stands never fit the fuselage completely. When I brought my newly designed Bench-top workstation / stand to the field, everybody wanted one. At first, I first I wasn't real interested because I have a job and they're too much work. But eventually, I agreed, and so made a few for the guys. I got the process pretty dailed in so I placed a Facebook ad and started selling them. Now I sell them all over the country with great success, everyone seems to love them.

Recently 2/20/21 I ran across a stand that an older gentleman was making and selling on www.rcairplanestands.com, I contacted him and got a reply from his wife saying he's retired and no longer making them. So I decided to use his basic design and make me one. I made a few improvements and added my sling idea to it and when I took it down to the field. The guys wanted this stand too, so I started selling them too. It's called my Floor Model. If at any time you break a piece of these stands, please don't hesitate to contact me, I can make you a new piece for you and any of the hardware can be purchased on Amazon.