Benchtop and Floor models

These stands/workstations are made of the very best materials and offer countless configurations to meet your exact needs to hold your airplane safely and securely both at the field or in the shop. Each stand is personally and painstakingly handcrafted right here in the USA in my garage and comes with unmatched quality and service to provide our customers with the very best the hobby has to offer. Take this stand with you to the field adjust the moveable arms to hold your airplane in place to work on it. Use this stand at home or in the shop and discover countless ways to hold and rotate your project making every part of the airplane accessible. From upright, inverted, to on your model's side, you will find this stand the easiest and most secure way to work on your planes! Adjust the height to your personal comfort as well as level your project to set throw and correct incidence, you will wonder how you ever built a project without it!