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Introducing our premium RC aircraft stands/workstations, meticulously crafted with top-notch materials and offering endless configurations to cater to your precise requirements. Designed to ensure the safe and secure storage of your airplane, whether it's at the field or in your workshop. Each stand is painstakingly handcrafted right here in the USA, personally crafted by us in our garage, guaranteeing unmatched quality and service. We are committed to delivering the very best that the hobby has to offer.

Take advantage of this versatile stand when you're at the field. Easily adjust the moveable arms to securely hold your RC airplane in place while you work on it. Utilize this stand at home or in your workshop, and unlock numerous possibilities to securely hold and rotate your project, granting easy access to every part of the RC airplane. From upright, inverted, to on your model's side, our stand provides the easiest and most reliable method for working on your planes!

Customize the stand's height to suit your personal comfort and ensure optimal accessibility. Level your RC plane effortlessly to set precise throws for all surfaces. Once you experience the convenience and efficiency of our stand, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Elevate your project-building experience with our exceptional aircraft stand today!

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Model Airplane News just published a product review of our Classic II Floor Model.

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Classic Wing Rack - RC Plane Stands

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Jon Wilson from AZ Bought one of our stands, he liked it so much, he had to come back for four more. 

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Showing off my Rockin Harley

In my spare time this year, (I started it in March '23) I’ve
finally completed my two year old grandson’s Rocking Harley Davidson just in time for Christmas. 

I bought a $20 set of plans online (Roarin' Rocker
Woodworking Project Plan / Winfield Collection) which I converted to digital
and cut most of the main parts on a CNC router table. This way I was able to
add a lot of additional details. I also used a Wood Lathe, Epilog Laser
engraver, and a whole lot of hand tools. It took me 200+ hours and about $700
worth of Walnut and Maple wood, which most of it turned into scrap. (A lot of
waste in the cut-out process).

I added the date and their last name on the license plate,
cut a diamond plate pattern into the floor boards and hidden wheels in the
front so my daughter can wheel it into the next room.

More pics to come.

  • Made in the USA

    Each stand is personally and painstakingly handcrafted right here in the USA in my garage and comes with unmatched quality and service to provide our customers with the very best the hobby has to offer.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Money Back Guarantee

    If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your new stand, call me and I'll either make it right, or you* can ship it back to me and I'll gladly give you a full refund.

    *Buyer pays return shipping.

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