My Personal Money Back Guarantee to you!

Money Back GuaranteeIf for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your new stand, call me and I'll make it right, or you can ship it back to me (at your cost) and I'll gladly give you a full refund.

How large of an airplane will fit on these stands?

The stand will hold airplanes from very small profile planes up to 35% models with ease, in fact, we have several customers who use this stand to work on their 42% models in their shop. This is a true rc plane workstation designed to be used on virtually any sized rc model in the shop or at the field.

How much weight will it hold?

All the Benchtop Stands will pretty much hold whatever your table will hold, they really shouldn't have a weight issue.

The Standard Floor stand will hold up to 35 pounds with ease. After that you should purchase the available 4" Levers to stop it from slipping. 

The Ultimate Floor stand comes with 4" Levers and 1 1/4" Fender Washers, it will support 150 lb aircraft easily.

The Mega Floor stand is just that, it should hold anything you got. There's a picture of me sitting on it and I weigh 200 lbs.

How wide of fuselage can it hold?

Standard Benchtop and Floor models holds up to 15" wide with the arms at 90 degrees.. 

The Ultimate stand holds up to 20" wide with the arms at 90 degrees.. 

The Mega stand holds up to 24" wide with the arms at 90 degrees.. 

How narrow of fuselage can it hold?

It can be adjusted to as little as 5" but you can slant the top of the arms in even more to prevent movement. Also, I've created a new taller arm with smaller angles so these can be reversed and squeezed in to 2 inches. Just ask for the Pattern Plane Arms at check-out.

How long does it take to ship?

I ship within one to two business days (sometimes same day) from receiving your order and depending where you are located it can take between 1 to 4 business days to get it there. We ship UPS to your door (NO PO Boxes, UPS can't deliver to them) and I supply tracking numbers to every customer which allows you to keep an eye on its progress. 

PLEASE NOTE: For Watco Oil Finishing, I need an extra day or two.

Do these stands have a finish on them?

No, all edges have been rounded over and sanded smooth, they are ready for you to apply a finish of your choice, leave it bare wood, or purchase my Watco Oil Finishing at check-out. The Watco Oil dries to a hard finish that's very durable, it's NOT oily.

If I break something on the stand, can I get it replaced?

It's hard to break plywood, but, Yes, all of our stands are CNC cut and Jig built and will interchange with any batch of stands. All you need to do is contact me and I'll usually have the part or parts you need. Call me for pricing Cell 949-633-3420. Usually just the cost of Shipping and Packaging.

Do I have to assemble the Floor Stand models when I get them?

Yes, in order to fit it into my boxes, I have to ship it unassembled. But it will come with easy to follow assembly manual and I also have an assembly video showing you how to do it. 

Do I have to assemble the Bench-top Stand when I get it?

Yes, in order to fit it into my 26x17x5 inch box I have to ship it unassembled. But it will come with easy to follow assembly manual and I also have an assembly video showing you how to do it.

How much is Shipping?

FREE Shipping on all our Stands, we ship all over the Continental United States for FREE. The Continental US excludes Hawaii, Alaska, and US territories.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, Since we now ship with USPS and UPS we can deliver to a USPS Post Office mail box.