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  • Benchtop stand without tray-plus rail sizes
  • Benchtop stand without tray-airplane
  • Benchtop stand without tray-48"
  • Benchtop stand without tray-RC airplane
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  • Benchtop stand without tray-with small foam plane
  • Benchtop stand without tray-36"
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RC Plane Stands

Benchtop Stand w/o Tray

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Handmade RC planes Bench-Top Model stand without Tray. Top-quality, made with Baltic Birch plywood and quality hardware parts. Works well for medium (30 cc) to large (120 cc) RC planes. Fully adjustable arms and slings, the top of the arms have Velcro with a Velcro one wrap strap so you can adjust them as you move the arms in and out for a snug fit to your fuselage. The sides are adjustable for different widths. All edges are rounded over and sanded. You can leave it with natural wood, add your own finish, or purchase the optional Watco Oil Finish at checkout. Please allow 2 extra days for processing if I'm doing the finish. 

To give you some perspective, the blue Edge airplane on the stand is a 64cc engine with a 96" wingspan.

You can choose the size rails you need and also buy additional rails separately, buy as many sizes as you need. Longer then 36" rails must ship separately so the cost gets very high fast so I priced them accordingly.

Stand measurements 

Length 24", 30", 36", 46" Width 15" Height 18" 

  • Rails available in five sizes. 24", 30", 36", 46" (and 60" with special order)
  • Arms adjust for a 4" to 15" wide fuselage.
  • Adjustable sides 18", 21" and 24" apart. up to 36" wide with optional rails.
  • The length of the fuselage can be from 20" up to 72" 
  • Holds up to 60lb aircraft.
  • Removable bottom rails for easy transport.


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